Monday, September 21, 2009

7th Grade Science Project Ideas Made Simple and Fun

There are a number of 7th grade science project ideas that a student can choose from to demonstrate concepts learned in class. A few such projects include:

• Collect water from a nearby stream or pond and view a drop of it under a microscope. Note what kinds of things you see and make drawings of them. Which are plants and which are animals? What is greater in your sample, plants or animals? What factors might affect the numbers of each that you find?

• Draw a cell and label all of its parts. What function does each part of the cell serve? Are there differences between plant and animal cells? If do, what are they?

• Name the four different blood groups found in humans. What type is the rarest? The most common? How does the blood type of a person's parents affect the outcome of their own (i.e. if a person with type A blood marries someone with type O, what type will any offspring have)?

• Draw a picture of a red blood call from a human and label all of its parts. Now draw a picture of the red blood cell from an animal, like a cow and label all of the parts. Are there any differences? If so, what part do you think these differences play in the function of the cell?

• Build a 3D model of a single-celled animal from cake. Use different tints of frosting to make the different structures inside the animal. Licorice laces can be cut up to represent the cilia. Before the cake is eaten, hand out a sheet that has the different parts labeled with call-outs, but not filled in. Allow people to view the cake and fill in the papers as to what each structure is. Just before the cake is cut, put out a poster that shows what everything is. Let the person who has the most right answers for these 7th grade science project ideas have the first piece of cake.

• Take a sample of cells from the inside of the mouth and view them under a microscope. Stain the material with a drop of food coloring. Describe what you see. Make a drawing of any clear cells and label all of the structures present.

• Plankton is made up of several kinds of single cell plants and animals. Find out what they are and make drawings of several different kinds of each. What animals use plankton as a food source. What kinds of changes in the environment could change plankton's survival in the water? Has plankton levels risen or fallen in recent years? Why?

• Different bacteria exist all around us. Where are they found? What role do they play? In what cases should bacteria be encouraged to grow? In what cases should they be discouraged? Give an example of how or why they should be encouraged, and why they should be discouraged.

With a little bit of careful thought it is possible to find any number of 7th grade science project ideas that can be turned into a science project for the inquisitive student.


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